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Unbending US Support to Israel's Nuclear Weapons ProgramThe United States has long supported such a [nuclear-free Middle East] zone, although our view is that a comprehensive and durable peace in the region and full compliance by all regional states with their arms control and nonproliferation obligations are essential precursors for its establishment. We strongly oppose efforts to single out Israel, and will oppose actions that jeopardize Israel's national security, he said in a statement published immediately after the conference wrapped up.


Obama's militant national security advisor also issued a statement with similar content. The United States will not permit a conference or actions that could jeopardize Israel's national security. We will not accept any approach that singles out Israel or sets unrealistic expectations, General James L. Jones said.


One simple implication of the remarks made by the U.S. officials might be that Israel's fragile security is intertwined with its possession of nuclear weapons and thus Tel Aviv should not be pressured to move towards annihilating its atomic arsenal.



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